Direction of the Blog!

This is more of an informative post than anything. We do great work here, and advertise when possible, but we understand that many people do not have time to devote to another social networking site. Therefore, I am reminding everyone that the sidebar here is a one stop shop for equality. Most of the organizations focus on the eradication of the bullying problem, suicide prevention, and LGBT youth centric issues, as this is the foundation of Stop The Hate Stop The Hurt’s Purpose. However, please remember that the ultimate goal is equality for ALL people, no matter superficial characteristics, as we are all people. If you only have a second, look to the sidebar, and there are links to MANY reputable, active organizations and websites. Signing a petition or getting information is only a click away. Also, later today, there will be additional websites added. Some will be bullying related, others LGBT rights oriented, and still others links to get laws changed to reflect equality in American government. Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in Stop The Hate Stop The Hurt!


Feel free to treat this as an open post to ask questions or have discussions! We are all in this together! Thanks again.


One response to “Direction of the Blog!

  1. And together we will stand, BB! Together we will stand.
    Kissies! Me

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