Dhuran Ravi: Throw the Book at Him?

Dhuran Ravi, the young Rutgers student who tormented his closeted gay roommate Tyler Clementi has been arraigned, the New York Times reports.  Queerty, popular gay snark blog, seem to revel in glee at the possibility that Ravi could possibly spend upwards of ten years in prison for his crimes and his part in Clementi’s death. However, some regulars in the Queerty comment section seemed to think the possible punishment is excessive. I happen to disagree with them. Ravi, and others who engage in bias intimidation, especially of the variety that has such grave consequences, need to be made examples of, to show that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that the price to pay will be very high indeed. I say ruin his life, because his actions have a direct correlation to the tragic death of a bright young man who was harming no one. What do you think?

credits: New York Times, Queerty


5 responses to “Dhuran Ravi: Throw the Book at Him?

  1. Ten years in prison for what he did is excessive? I don’t think so.

    Whether there were other contributing factors to Clementi’s decision to jump off that bridge, I do not know. I do know that the actions of Dhuran Ravi are deplorable, and DID contribute to this poor young man’s suicide. So, I say, throw the book at him. In my opinion, ten years isn’t enough… (that’s probably emotion talking there, but so be it!).

  2. Renee, it matters not if it is emotion talking IMO. A kid is dead. Nothing will bring him back. My answer to my own question is this: throw the book.

  3. I like your sly “anti-bullying” campaign. That way, if anyone objects to our propaganda in their schools, we can accuse them of wanting gay kids to kill themselves! Ingenious.

    Anyway, I think my blog is right up your alley.


  4. @Patrick, it isn’t sly. It’s truth. I am highlighting the grave consequences of allowing bullying of any kind, specifically of the anti gay variety, to rage unchecked in the nation’s schools. I am being as brazen and clear as possible with this. No hiding. Kids are killing themselves because not only are the students homophobic, but the teachers often are as well. There are even reported cases of teachers engaging in the harassment of gay kids. Often, at best, the teachers look the other way. This is unacceptable. It isn’t propaganda. It is making sure ALL kids enjoy a safe education, as EVERY child is entitled to in this country.

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