Religious Right Vows to Reverse NY Marriage Equality

As was to be expected, the fringe extremists of the Religious Right are furious at New York’s historic decision to become the sixth state in the union to allow Marriage Equality. Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) have pledged $2 million to reverse same sex marriage in the Empire State, vowing that the GOP Senators who voted in favor of the bill would, quote, “pay a grave price.”

Brian Brown

Maggie Gallagher

Meanwhile, televangelist Pat Robertson predicts the collapse of America if the bill is allowed to stand. See video below.


2 responses to “Religious Right Vows to Reverse NY Marriage Equality

  1. Pat Robertson is an ignorant douche bag… not a very intelligent, well thought out comment, but I get emotional about this stuff. And, does the majority even take him seriously?

    From the polls I have seen, more than 50% of Americans support gay marriage. So, I’m not worried at this point.

  2. The only thing that concerns me is the scare tactics and the money. Both are enough to make people fearful enough of some huge change to their worlds, or, worse, some kind of horrific divine intervention, to support what they are doing. Maggie Gallagher definitely has pull. Tony Perkins is on this bandwagon as well.

    I sincerely hope nobody listens to a word of what Pat Robertson says, but no one can deny that he has his followers; furthermore, there are much more relevant people who think as he does.

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