Michele Bachmann’s Husband: Gays are “Barbarians” Who Need to be “Disciplined”

This comes as no surprise, but it sheds light on just how dangerous it would be for Michele Bachmann to land in the Oval Office. Her own husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, has made some most disturbing statements about America’s LGBT community. Think Progress published the comments, and Connexion ran a story with his full remarks, as follows:

We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what is called the sinful nature. We have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings from moving into the action steps…

This is the man whose wife wishes to be Commander in Chief of this country. It comes as no surprise, but, combined with the fact that she actually has a rather rabid following of religious bigots, it could happen. These are dangerous times, and the only way to stop this travesty is to take action. If, for no other reason, please get out and stop this for our youth. Spread the word on what kind of people could wind up in the White House if we are complacent. Use the following video as your evidence and proof as you tell the nation what sort of people the Bachmanns really are.


5 responses to “Michele Bachmann’s Husband: Gays are “Barbarians” Who Need to be “Disciplined”

  1. That this individual has any support is horrifying. Do people not see this for what it is? It’s witch hunting. People see “gay” and think “other” when in fact “other” is anybody who’s fashionable to persecute at any given moment. Right now it’s LGBT, but it can become whoever it is that ANYONE is if the situation shifts. Gay rights are everyone’s business, as is fighting bigotry. And yet… there are so many active participants. Sometimes I wonder how we got to be the dominant life form on this planet when our brains work so shockingly poorly when taken as a whole…

  2. @Maryann I never underestimate the power of crazy people with bigoted beliefs in large numbers. I’ve seen some stuff in my day. Be very afraid of people like this, because they generally have the ability to convince the masses that they can keep their worst fears from coming true- right now it is gay people being married and having the same rights that they do. All you have to do is go to NOM’s blog and see the mass hysteria surrounding gays. They even say that we will teach their children in school that incest and bestiality are normal, as is having 12 wives, all sorts of horrific lies. And they believe it.

  3. Yeah, just like biracial babies were going to turn humanity into a mongrel race of godless spear-chuckers if black men were legally allowed to get within ten feet of a white woman.

    And in spite of the most obvious example of a biracial person ever, they’re eager to prove how right they still think they were…

    These people think only with their irrational fears. Seems like every day I think I can’t get angrier, and every day I do.

  4. That photo is awful. Wow, just REALLY. Can they get any worse? I somehow think so, if one of their deluded leaders makes it into office…

    There’s that, Marilyn Davenport’s Obama ape email, that email that went around with the White House with the watermelon patch lawn…now the crap they’re spewing all over the place, and NOM somehow magically got $2Million to reverse NY Marriage Equality, as well as $1.1 Million to stop the bill from going through the senate in Maine. Scary people indeed.

  5. This is just plain scary. Sometimes I am just about speechless, and this is one of those times. That’s all I got.

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