President Obama Support the Respect For Marriage Act

While many in the LGBT community have been questioning whether or not Barack Obama has used us for votes due to his refusal to officially endorse marriage equality, he has come further than we could ever have imagined, by endorsing and supporting the Respect for Marriage Act. This act would repeal the Defense of Marriage Ac t(DOMA), which became law in 1996 under then President Clinton, which defines marriage as strictly between one man and one woman. Obama has long since said that his feelings on Marriage Equality and the definition of marriage are “evolving,” (his word), and now he is finally living up to what he said. Hopefully, upon re election in 2012, he comes out in full support of Marriage Equality for ALL Americans, not just those like himself. ¬†Hopefully, in 2012, a change comes indeed, this time, once and for all.


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