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THIS is what it’s all about….

Everyone Needs to REALLY look, hear and feel this.  Think about it…we ALL have SOMETHING that others don’t like, others don’t agree with, others won’t look past their faces…YET.  One day, one day.

This is the message that is starting to creep into mainstream…little by little.

No…Ya probably WON’T see this on VH1, but it’s out there.  And the message is clear!

NO MORE LABELS!  Bury them.  They hurt, they sadden, they kill.



I am soooooo excited!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is EPIC!  And yes, it relates to our cause.

In the past, the resistance and hate toward the gay community filtered unwittingly into area’s most people aren’t even aware of and this is PROOF barriers are coming down, slowly but surely!  What am I talking about?

I’m talking about a HUGE, influential university, along with others, OUTWARDLY recognizing the gay community.  By doing so, they KNOW they risk a certain clientele, but CHOSE to move forward anyway.

Even though the rooted action to ban the ROTC originally was FOR the gay community, things like banning the ROTC from campus’  actually hurt the community, ostracizing them AGAIN.   But this time it was the silent gay man or woman.   Thinking they were doing the right thing by denying the ROTC from campus because of the enactment of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ bill, which of course INCLUDED the SILENT gay community who still wanted to serve, the universities actually perpetuated the problem by forcing a wedge even deeper between society and the hearts and souls who served no matter what the consequences.  Many in the gay community served our country under duress, unselfishly.  And that alone makes those men and women hero’s in my book.

One thing society may need to deal with, is the stress and grudges held by the gay community for actions of the majority, but it’s our job to tell them how we feel.  To accept those who risked their lives daily to protect us.   They hid their sexuality, served in fear of being found out, and dealt/deal with hypocritical and derogatory circumstances by fellow soldiers, yet were willing to protect us, to die for us.   TO DIE FOR US, PEOPLE!    We as a society need to appreciate everything the silent gay soldier gave up to do just that.  Unselfishly.

This is an EPIC Day, oh yes it is!


Harvard and several other prominent schools, including Stanford, Yale and Columbia, had kept the Vietnam-era ban in place following the war because of what they viewed as a discriminatory military policy forbidding gays from serving openly.

But after Congress cleared the way for the repeal of the so-called “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy in December, Harvard’s president said she’d work toward ROTC’s return.

President Barack Obama in late December signed the law to repeal the 17-year-old “don’t ask don’t tell” policy under which soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines were required to keep their homosexuality a secret or face dismissal. Final implementation of the repeal doesn’t go into effect until 60 days after the president, defense secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that lifting the ban won’t hurt the military’s ability to fight. Part of their decision will be based on the progress of new training. The Army’s top general on Feb. 17 kicked off the service’s training program on the new law allowing gays to serve openly in the military, and officials said they hope to have the whole force trained by mid-August.

Harvard, which threw ROTC off its campus in 1969, is the first prominent school to rescind its ban since December.

Harvard students have still participated in ROTC in recent years, but the school didn’t fund the program and the students had to train at the nearby MIT.

A spokesman for OutServe, an underground network of gay and lesbian active duty military member, said it was “proud to welcome Harvard back to the officer training community.”


And the Bullying hits home…..

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Yeah…MY kids school… MY kids classmates…MY world….

One Dead…  Another ones life in the gallows… Bullying…. I can’t even talk about it right now.  Doesn’t matter what it was about…doesn’t matter at all… Nothing matters to the kid that’s going to be buried in the next day or two.

Two lives, destroyed in an instant, a flash in the grand scheme of things, but none the less, gone….

Doesn’t matter who bullied who, the deed is done…at what expense?  Two families ripped apart.

Will it make a difference?  Will anything be done?  Will others learn a lesson?  Will it ever stop?

My heart is torn into shreds right now…..  I feel so small, so insignificant, so useless.   I can teach my own not to bully, but who teaches the others?  Apparently no one.  Not even the schools, not effectively anyway.  Big deal,  suspend them off a bus.   Then what?  It’s party time…now they are ‘cool’ and big shots.

I’m sick to my stomach…

OMFG…Do we have a long way to go…

I opened  my yahoo homepage today to see a beautiful article on the announcement of the birth of Elton John and his partner David Furnish’s new baby boy.  I was so happy, so excited.  That is until I started reading the comments below…. If you must see this for yourself…Hold on tight…It will rip your heart out.

Fuck… took my elation and buried like a bone.  The hate, the pure ignorance, the…the…the… just brought tears to my eyes.  JC…  The baby was just born, on Christ’s birthday for God’s sake, and the hate is starting already.  Of course most of it directed directly toward  Elton and his partner, but what’s the difference?  Hate is hate.

I mean, in just the last 24 hrs,  3,644 comments,  way over 50%, if not MORE are pure hate and hypocrisy.  I just couldn’t keep reading after the first 10 pages…  From ‘bible thumpers’ to who knows what, are telling the world how they feel about this.  It ain’t good.    Nope,  ain’t good at all.

I have NO problem whatsoever with people having their religious beliefs, but to spew those beliefs on a public forum, to behave the way they do, preaching his ‘word’ in ugly, nasty words.   Well…hypocrisy at its finest. The very thing I was taught by ‘God’  NOT to do.   Be kind to your neighbor, comes to mind.  To love all others as you do yourself.  Do not judge.  Blah, blah, blah…  Need I go on?  For every so called ‘anti-homosexual’ passage in what I call, human infected words of God, the Bible,  I promise you I can rebut it with two that prove it wrong.

To the ones that don’t actually post  particularly religious comments, well, I don’t give a fuck, they got the hate from somewhere.  I’m just saying………….

Look, I was born and raised a strict Catholic, although I no longer support organized religion, I will tell you this;  my Mother still says her rosary every night before she sleeps and tucks them under her pillow, she believes.  But even she thinks the bible has been misinterpreted to such a degree, by the input of humans, that the original meaning of God’s word has been lost, twisted, defaced by the willful need to take those words and selfishly manipulate them toward a personal agenda.  Why in the hell are there so many versions of the Bible if this wasn’t the case?  Huh?  It’s easy to do.  Just re-write it to suit your tastes, preach it, and low and behold, someone will follow, believe, and so the story goes…….   Yeah….

I didn’t mean for this to go off on a religious tangent, but damn it all to hell.  I just HAD to go back and read more of those comments.  The loudest are saying the ‘Gay Agenda’ is being shoved down their throats.    Well, GET THE FUCK OUT of MY mouth with YOUR agenda!  What ever happened to ‘God loves all of his children?’

As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I just realized I want to thank all the haters out there.  Yeah…I do.  I want to thank them all for opening my eyes even further, for splitting my heart open at what mankind has become.  Why?  Because it just gave me a bit more resolve to step away from the ingrained beliefs that were inflicted, yes inflicted, on me growing up.  I now will not carry the guilt of not having my children Baptized, not carry the guilt of never having set my childrens souls in an organized religions house of worship to be judged by the very people who perpetuate such hypocrisy,  not carry the guilt of maybe somehow disappointing my Mother.  Nope…I will not carry the guilt of poisoning my childrens mind with such hate.

As much as this article hurt me, I come out stronger, more firmly planted in MY beliefs now.   I WILL live by the ten commandments, WILL teach my children the meaning of love and acceptance, give them the ability to overcome the haters by behaving respectfully toward them, but I’ll be damned if I will TELL them religion is ‘right’, damned if I tell them to accept what is now a humanized abomination of God’s ‘word.’  Nope…won’t do it.

And if I go to hell, if there even is such a place,  so be it.   I think I’ll have plenty of company.  I’ll leave it up to my children to decide what’s best for them if and when they should need a different kind of guidance I can’t give them.

Yeah…let the hate begin.   I’m waiting for it…and ya know what?  I don’t give a flying fuck.   Nope.   I just love a good snarkfest.  And I can do it with a smile on my face and my heart.  I live what I believe.   It’s a shame others don’t live by the ‘words’ they preach.

Bring it on…Imma in the mood.

Rise 2theTop

Don’t ignore it….

Hi!  My name is Margaret and I am a married, 48 year old mother of two teenage children, who have always been open minded, outgoing and passionate about life.

In view of the most recent anti-gay incidents, I have been rocked to the core… Never in my life did I expect this issue to seemingly get worse in this day and age, and right before my eyes…when I woke up this morning to come here, I find THIS…

The only thing positive in this article is, the bastards that have committed these crime are behind bars…for now that is…

The above article is EXACTLY what this blog is all about…the sad truth… Anti-gay HATE is an epidemic.  Mostly because of archaic views and ignorance.  It sickens me to know there are people in this world who carry around this hate in their back pockets to just whip out at any moment…  To commit crimes such as the above, turn it into a game of power, deceit, and then boast about it as if it was a trophy of accomplishment, is to me, one of the most horrendous acts of human failure there is.

Where do these morons learn this crap????  Not from people like me, that’s for sure.  There is a ‘backwoods’ mentality that exists in our society that needs to be changed.  This hate has been passed down through the generations and unfortunately taught to the youth of this generation from an early age.  It seems ingrained in them.

BUT, I know for a fact, that you can change the outlook of people through education, compassion and love.

Changing society’s perception of the gay community is one of the toughest challenges we face today.  The first thing we need to realize is this is not just a ‘gay cause’.  Hate crimes, bullying, and smear campaigns affect ALL of us, gay, straight, sideways for God’s sake…who cares?  When we stop looking at issues such as this as just a ‘gay thing’,  maybe we can get somewhere.  Yes this particular blog site does address anti-gay bias, but it’s only part of the big picture.

Hate, bullying, and the like are issues  that need to be addressed by humanity period…pure and simple…no gray area about it.  NONE…its black and white…  Hate is wrong. Bullying is wrong.  Teaching it is wrong.  IGNORING it is WRONG!

If you turn a blind eye to it, you are teaching it…perpetuating it…living it.  Yeah…..  I just said that.  Ignorance is the biggest catalyst there is in keeping  hate alive.  People are afraid…they are afraid to show their feelings, share their thoughts, and afraid to be branded as ‘one of those’…..

Where are your balls people??? I’m not ‘gay’ but I stand up for what is right.  I want the people who choose to ignore things like this to step into the shoes of the people who are hated against just because they are ‘different’.  Just once…  Just one time…so they can feel the the pain, the despair.  Yeah…  I’m like that.

I want these people who see themselves ‘above’ others to experience what the ‘different people’ feel on a day to day basis.  Then maybe they would see the damage that is done.  Be it with words, actions, whatever….  feel it people….  it HURTS. And if you teach your children to ignore it, and yes…they see you ignore these things and follow your examples, well…I’m just sayin’.

It starts at home people…  Teach your children, your parents, your friends  not to hate.  Show them that being different is a GOOD thing.  Teach your children not to run scared from the people who don’t understand.  Teach them to stand up for all the good in being different, unique and individualistic.  Teach them to look inside themselves, to look inside others, and not judge someones heart and soul on differences, but embrace them, learn from them, accept them.  It’s not hard…it’s actually pretty damn easy to love…it comes naturally…but hate?  It’s taught…

Ya know… when my kids were growing up, the word ‘hate’ was forbidden in my home.  Absolutely forbidden.  Using it was grounds for punishment.  No matter how it was used.  And I tell ya what… neither child used it more than once… Yeah… and guess what?

My children DON’T hate!  Hate does not exist in their minds…  just ask them…  What is hate?  They will tell you, ‘I don’t know.’

And to prove my point, to myself, I just asked my 16yr old daughter to please read the above question and give me an answer… and she said, “That’s hard…”  Got a bewildered look on her face and then said, “because I don’t hate anything or anyone.  I really can’t answer that.”

Have I made my point?  I hope so.

I live the words I write.  I live my beliefs, I live my life without hate, and I teach the people around me not to hate.  It’s not always easy, but I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

So…..  What’s on the agenda for today?  Let’s see… I will make it a point to find something positive in this whole mess… I will seek the good in people…  I will spread the word that being ‘different’ is okay.

How about you?

Oh…and this ‘different’ thing… and this ‘gay’ thing….  What is that all about anyway?  I better save that for another ramble…