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Brutal Gay Bashing Victim In NYC

Barie Shortell was walking home late at night when he was attacked. He was not robbed, but the attackers hurled anti gay slurs at him as they beat him within an inch of his life. They broke his nose, jaw, shattered his eye sockets. Before and after photos at the end of this entry.

Now, unfortunately, Barie, like many Americans, has no health insurance, and, as a result of this horrific crime, has been left with a ridiculous hospital bill, on top of being unable to work (obviously). Queerty has asked us to spread the word about the fundraiser set up in his name. If you can help, do. If not, simply spread the word in any way you can. Luckily, the state of NY does consider anti gay crimes as hate crimes, so the thugs who did this will be slapped with hate crime charges. However, many states do not. So, if, in your state, anti LGBT crimes are not considered hate crimes, push to get the Feds involved if something like this happens near you, because, generally, unless they kill someone, these people get off with assault charges, usually with little to no jail time. So, some food for thought.

Please spread the word. This is senseless and cruel and the last thing this poor man should be worrying about is money at a time like this. Thank you. If you can, please give to the fundraiser here.

Here is what Barie looks like, before and after the beating: