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Smart Phone Apps Promoting Homophobia: The Latest- Is My Son Gay?

We all remember when the Huffington Post reported on Apple’s allowing an anti- gay iPhone app from the ex- gay organization Exodus International got past the app board, and the resulting outcry, resulting in Apple pulling the app from the iPhone app store. Now, we have another, this time from Google, to be loaded onto their Android Smart Phones. The Is My Son Gay? app claims to be a  one stop shop to playing detective with your son’s sexual orientation.

Once again, Huffington Post reports on the controversy currently arising. This time, the developer says it was done  in good humor, but this is hardly funny. The app promotes dangerous stereotypes about what makes people homosexual, all the while forcing any parents who take the app seriously to consider that perhaps it is their fault, if, indeed, their son turns out to be a homosexual. It also insinuates that something is wrong with being gay, and we all know that we have enough of that in this society. Here, the ladies from the daytime talk show The View, discuss the app.

Credits: Huffington Post