Religious Right Vows to Reverse NY Marriage Equality

As was to be expected, the fringe extremists of the Religious Right are furious at New York’s historic decision to become the sixth state in the union to allow Marriage Equality. Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) have pledged $2 million to reverse same sex marriage in the Empire State, vowing that the GOP Senators who voted in favor of the bill would, quote, “pay a grave price.”

Brian Brown

Maggie Gallagher

Meanwhile, televangelist Pat Robertson predicts the collapse of America if the bill is allowed to stand. See video below.


New York State Passes Marriage Equality!

Finally some good news amongst all the homophobia, inequality, and mayhem. With thirty-three aye votes and twenty-nine nay votes, the Empire State becomes the sixth state to legalize marriage equality for same sex couples. And no, religious bigots, you will not be forced to marry us in your churches., not that we’d want you to do that anyway. And there is also no residency requirement like there is in some other states, so anyone from states in which marriage equality is not yet legal can be legally wed in the state of New York. A great big thank you to the twenty- nine Democrats and a special thanks to the four Republicans who crossed party lines to give us this historical Gay Pride 2011 gift.

Anti Gay Antics From Celebrities Draw fines, Criticism: A Sign of Progress?

There have recently been an alarming string of anti- gay antics from celebrities in any field from pro sports to music to prime time television. Now, no one is expecting celebrities to be perfect. They have no responsibility to raise our children for us, nor  to be some sort of role model to the public. However, the undeniable truth is that with fame, comes almost automatic influence. Therefore, while one does not have a responsibility to be perfect, one does have the responsibility to act responsibly in public or face the consequences, and spewing hateful rhetoric at an already targeted segment of the population is most certainly not acting in a responsible manner.

So, since I have failed to high light these incidents individually, let’s have one, long explanation of some most disturbing and shocking recent anti gay antics from the entertainment world.

First, we have Kobe Bryant.

He was fined $100,000 for calling a referee a “fucking faggot.” Bryant has since apologized, but many don’t feel like it was good enough.

Next, we have Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger Mcdowell, who made crude sexual gestures with a baseball bat at three fans at a game against the San Francisco Giants after allegedly saying to three male fans who were together at the game, “Are you guys a homo couple or a threesome?”

Then, when a father at the game with his wife and nine year old twin daughters attempted to intervene, McDowell replied, “”How much are your teeth worth?” as he walked over with a baseball bat. He has since apologized as well, but, once again, no one knows if it is sincere or merely damage control.

Of course, more recently, we have the likes of Cee Lo Green

tweeting homophobic rants, of which there can be no doubt of the truth, because the tweets are saved in screen shots, despite the fact that green deleted them from his twitter feed and has since semi apologized.

original homophobia on twitter, courtesy of Colleen star

screen shot credit to Colleen Star

And the apology that was hardly an apology:

And, of course, last, but certainly not least, was Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant at a Nashville comedy show.

Tracy, however, is a bit different from the others. His apology was not just a half “if you were offended” type apology. He has since met with homeless gay and transgender youth, called his own words “indefensible”, and seems genuinely sorry.

I could carry on and on with example after example of this stuff coming out of the camp of celebrities, but I think you get the idea. I am still saddened that they could say and do such outrageously callous, insensitive, and inexcusable things, especially in the current climate, when we, the LGBT community are still very much victims of truly institutionalized homophobia, and our youth are still committing suicide at alarming rates. However, I am ecstatic that they are being called to task, and that the LGBT community and straight allies alike are letting them know that this is unacceptable, and, if you don’t at least act like you are sorry, they will suffer the consequences. So, yes, there is definite progress.

Morality Without God? Could Be the Only Way if We Keep Going at This Rate.

The LGBT Community has every reason on earth to be profoundly mistrustful of followers of organized religion. While it is wrong and grossly unfair to make generalizations, at this point, can you blame us? I was personally sent to a camp to “correct” my homosexuality at the age of twelve, and continue to face the reality that I shall never be fully accepted by the people who should love me unconditionally. We have religious organizations at the forefront of the anti- equality movement, and even restaurants like Chik- Fil -A openly admitting to hating same- sex couples and disagreeing with us having the same basic human rights that heterosexuals do.

Just when we thought it could get no worse, we now have the LDS Church advocating for political action against non- traditional families. Well none of this sounds very moral to me. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that all of these so called “moral” people, are more amoral than any godless person I have ever met in my life.

How can there be morality without God? Well, I ask the reverse: How can there be morality with God, if this is the path said morality takes? Next time someone asks how I can be a non- believer, I’ll ask how (s)he can be a believer, and show this video. It sums up my feelings on the subject quite nicely.

After all of this, my personal beliefs are quickly going from agnoticism to full blown atheism, and I could not be more steadfast in my decision. The day we achieve true separation of Church and State will be a happy day indeed. The harmful, fraudulent, bigoted nonsense that is more than 70% of organized religion will stay where it belongs: in houses of worship, out of the political arena, and out of the rest of our lives.

Dhuran Ravi: Throw the Book at Him?

Dhuran Ravi, the young Rutgers student who tormented his closeted gay roommate Tyler Clementi has been arraigned, the New York Times reports.  Queerty, popular gay snark blog, seem to revel in glee at the possibility that Ravi could possibly spend upwards of ten years in prison for his crimes and his part in Clementi’s death. However, some regulars in the Queerty comment section seemed to think the possible punishment is excessive. I happen to disagree with them. Ravi, and others who engage in bias intimidation, especially of the variety that has such grave consequences, need to be made examples of, to show that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that the price to pay will be very high indeed. I say ruin his life, because his actions have a direct correlation to the tragic death of a bright young man who was harming no one. What do you think?

credits: New York Times, Queerty

It Gets Better: Apple Employees

RIP Queerty

Free of an Agenda. Except That Gay One. That is my motto. I am free of an agenda, except that gay one, no matter how many people take exception to the so called gay agenda. Sorry, straight people. This one is for us. We lost a blog that didn’t censor, that didn’t mind being un PC, that didn’t mind acknowledging the fact that no matter how gay friendly you are, you will never be completely and fully qualified to tell the truth of a people you do not belong to. Yes, they often offended some people. But they didn’t care. We listen to the straight agenda via mainstream media on a daily basis. You can listen to ours now. There is now, officially, no blog that is completely free of an agenda, except that gay one, because they all are now littered with the straight perspective. There is nothing wrong with that, but, at the end of the day, we went to Queerty to vent, to rant, to talk to people who faced a world that just didn’t get it  on a daily basis. We need a voice, and I hope to be that, one day, but right now I am not. Godspeed to opening up a new blog similar to Queerty. We definitely need it.

Yes, I Get Bullied, Too.

I hesitated to post this here, because I never wanted to make this blog about me. But, it is certainly relevant. Last week, I was bullied at school. Students called me a ‘carpet muncher’ in the student center, and then proceeded to have a loud conversation behind me the next day about how being gay is a sin. To top it all off, anti gay religious people set up camp on campus, handing out pamphlets and testimonials in the student center day before yesterday. All of these things make me feel so unwelcome and unappreciated on my own college campus.

Now, the good news is that it is being taken care of. I have my advisor and a member of the school administration in my corner, and they do not condone homophobia. They are also working toward implementing tolerance and diversity policies, and equipping the staff to deal with anti gay bullying. They were simply ignorant of how big an issue this really is.

This is an especially appropriate post as tomorrow is the Day of Silence, an effort to bring attention to LGBT bullying in schools and workplaces around the nation. Please participate and spread the word.

THIS is what it’s all about….

Everyone Needs to REALLY look, hear and feel this.  Think about it…we ALL have SOMETHING that others don’t like, others don’t agree with, others won’t look past their faces…YET.  One day, one day.

This is the message that is starting to creep into mainstream…little by little.

No…Ya probably WON’T see this on VH1, but it’s out there.  And the message is clear!

NO MORE LABELS!  Bury them.  They hurt, they sadden, they kill.

My son…

He’s not gay… and you know that is the most fabulous part of this story!

He wrote an essay for school titled, “Pointless Mistreatment.” His opener?

“Tyler Clementi, a student from Rutgers University, committed suicide after his roommates put up a live broadcast on the internet of him having a sexual encounter with another man (“Gay Teen Suicides…”). Unfortunately, this is one instance of far too many.”

That is my son.

Raise your kids right!