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Religious Right Vows to Reverse NY Marriage Equality

As was to be expected, the fringe extremists of the Religious Right are furious at New York’s historic decision to become the sixth state in the union to allow Marriage Equality. Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) have pledged $2 million to reverse same sex marriage in the Empire State, vowing that the GOP Senators who voted in favor of the bill would, quote, “pay a grave price.”

Brian Brown

Maggie Gallagher

Meanwhile, televangelist Pat Robertson predicts the collapse of America if the bill is allowed to stand. See video below.


Morality Without God? Could Be the Only Way if We Keep Going at This Rate.

The LGBT Community has every reason on earth to be profoundly mistrustful of followers of organized religion. While it is wrong and grossly unfair to make generalizations, at this point, can you blame us? I was personally sent to a camp to “correct” my homosexuality at the age of twelve, and continue to face the reality that I shall never be fully accepted by the people who should love me unconditionally. We have religious organizations at the forefront of the anti- equality movement, and even restaurants like Chik- Fil -A openly admitting to hating same- sex couples and disagreeing with us having the same basic human rights that heterosexuals do.

Just when we thought it could get no worse, we now have the LDS Church advocating for political action against non- traditional families.¬†Well none of this sounds very moral to me. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that all of these so called “moral” people, are more amoral than any godless person I have ever met in my life.

How can there be morality without God? Well, I ask the reverse: How can there be morality with God, if this is the path said morality takes? Next time someone asks how I can be a non- believer, I’ll ask how (s)he can be a believer, and show this video. It sums up my feelings on the subject quite nicely.

After all of this, my personal beliefs are quickly going from agnoticism to full blown atheism, and I could not be more steadfast in my decision. The day we achieve true separation of Church and State will be a happy day indeed. The harmful, fraudulent, bigoted nonsense that is more than 70% of organized religion will stay where it belongs: in houses of worship, out of the political arena, and out of the rest of our lives.